Get Bodied Fitness Online Plan


Get Bodied In Thirty: Online Plan

Your Get Bodied In Thirty journey begins here!

With our 30-day plan, you’ll see the weight loss goals that you desire! Get Bodied Fitness desires to change the lifestyles of anyone looking to jump-start their weight loss goals! No matter if you are near or far, this plan caters specifically to those looking to lose weight; the healthy way!

So many people jump into weight loss without the fundamentals needed to succeed, resulting in little to no results. In addition, so many jump into weight loss only to gain it all back soon after.

This online plan breaks down the importance of a healthy lifestyle, by educating you with the proper techniques of a healthy day-to-day regimen. 

If you're looking to lose weight AND keep the weight off, then this plan is for you!


Get Bodied In Thirty is catered to individuals who are looking to jump-start their fitness journeys and lose the unwanted body fat.

The Get Bodied In Thirty program includes:

  • Custom Grocery Lists
  • Complete 30-day full body workout plan
  • Ab Blast 30-day workout plan
  • Weight Loss Tips
  • Unlimited 30-day Health Coaching 

After purchase is complete, the meal plan will be sent directly to your e-mail address.