My Story

When it comes to health and fitness, I go all the way – 120%

Everyone starts somewhere! Not being an all-around athlete, I literally started from the beginning. I know exactly what it takes to get your body to the level you want it to be! Aside from running track in high school (10 + years ago), I can admit that I'm not like some trainers who have always been involved in athletics and just TRAIN you based upon what their coaches/trainers taught them.

I actually studied and researched the techniques that it will take to get you BODIED. As a personal trainer, you need to be able to relate to AND motivate/coach your clients! I take pride in knowing that I was once where you are, I can see where you're coming from, and actually walk that path with you while you're on your Get Bodied journey....because I was once there!

I began my fitness journey June 16, 2010, at a point in my life where I was OFFICIALLY READY for a health and fitness lifestyle change! My trainer at the time, MOTIVATED and PUSHED me to the point where I literally became addicted to working out! Working out daily and eating healthy allowed me to lose forty pounds! It was shortly after, I reached a “plateau” – which is a period of time where your weight is stabilized, while I was trying to lose an additional twenty pounds. I was stuck. It was quite discouraging, especially if you’re eating clean and working out and not seeing any movement on the scale. But unlike most, I didn’t give up. I kept pushing myself to get to my goal.

It was at that point I met my last trainers. A mother/daughter fitness training duo in Atlanta. I immediately contacted them and began working out with them in 2011. I am beyond grateful for all of my former trainers because they helped pave my new health/fitness lifestyle! 

Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone isn’t going to stick with their goals. Everyone isn’t going to have the same results. But as for me, I was determined! It comes a time when you go from being comfortable and everyone telling you “Girl, you look good!” to the point where all of a sudden you’re always wearing leggings/tights because you REFUSE to go up a size in jeans.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s real. 

The difference between me and those who get COMFORTABLE and LET THEMSELVES GO is the fact that I was motivated. I hit the gym every single day. Everyone was calling me a gym rat, health freak, to telling me “If you lose another pound you’re going to disappear...” I heard it all! But I knew what I wanted! I was so determined. I couldn’t quit, and I didn’t.

It’s like....once you start seeing the results, you start focusing on sculpting your body the way you want it to be ! You start seeing those pounds drop off, and it just pushes you to keep going! And the funny thing is, I LOVEEE absolutely everything about this fitness lifestyle. Some people reach their goal and stop OR even worse, they gain it ALL BACK! Not me.

So again I say, it’s a lifestyle and that’s just me being strong/disciplined within myself! I always eat clean and I always train hard! I specialize in NO excuses. I met my weight-loss goal in March 2012. Soon after, I was given the opportunity to be featured my previous trainers DVD “Black Girls Workout, Too!”  I can definitely say that looking back six years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I would have come this far. Like I keep saying, it’s not a DIET, it’s a LIFESTYLE. And I LOVE IT! 

It’s been an amazing experience. Once you’re IN IT, it’s no QUITTING. There’s absolutely no one stopping you from wanting to reach your goals but YOU! (Whether fitness, weight loss, or anything else) So don’t give up! KEEP PUSHING!! 

Fitness is a passion of mine that I would not have known existed until I started my journey. This experience has allowed me to help others beat the health statistics, and become healthy and fit according to their personal goals. I am now a certified personal trainer and owner of Get Bodied Fitness! With over five years of training techniques under my belt, I am excited for everything that is to come for my next chapter with Get Bodied Fitness.

I am ready, willing, and able to motivate you and get you to the goal(s) that you desire! I believe in the concept of MIND over MATTER! I know what it’s going to take to get your body to the level you want it to be!

Just know that you can do whatever you want if you apply yourself!! It wasn't easy, but I promise you in the end, it's SO worth it!

Let’s get fit, get healthy, and get bodied together!