Meet the Trainer

Meet Christi, your Get Bodied Fitness Trainer. Christi is an experienced professional trainer with a strong passion in the health and fitness industry. In order to be passionate about something, one has to be 100% committed – and that defines Christi completely!

Whether you're looking to lose five pounds or fifty, Christi is ready to get you bodied!

Christi has changed the lifestyles of several, and looks forward to doing the same for you! She is here to motivate you (and keep you motivated) throughout your Get Bodied journey!

After studying and obtaining a vast knowledge of physical fitness, Christi decided to dedicate herself to the advancement of health and fitness of others. She has the perfect fitness program designed for you; including but not limited to, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning/training, strength training and various exercises geared toward your personal fitness goal(s).

Motivated, passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, and realistic would just be a few words to define Christi. Her vast knowledge of fitness techniques and programs will allow you to not only recognize your results, but you will recognize that this lifestyle is the best for you! 

Get Bodied Fitness wants to help make that change for you! Located in Atlanta, Georgia - we have everything you need! Everyone has to start somewhere, why not now?

Contact Christi today so that she can pave the way for you to Get Bodied!


Health and Fitness Motivational Speaker

Christi's extreme passion and knowledge of the health and fitness world has allowed her to change the lifestyles of many! If you are looking someone to motivate and inspire your audience, contact Christi today! Whether youth or adult, Christi guarantees empowerment and lifestyle changes within your group! 

Christi says: "I'm very different from most trainers! I take time to learn each and every one of my clients. Their personalities, their lifestyles, their likes, their dislikes; whereas other trainers may simply identify them as a number.
I believe in TRAINING YOUR BRAIN before TRAINING YOUR BODY! If your mind isn't there, your body isn't going to follow! 
With that said, one of my first approaches with my client(s) is discovering the root of the problem. How did we get here? I will help you recognize the strengths that you never knew you had, as well as the weaknesses of your mind and body. Once this is determined, your Get Bodied journey fully begins! And I promise you, if you keep that same mindset, you will never look back !"